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Michel Battaglia

Author professional photographer in Grenoble, my story with photography began more than 30 years ago. Lab side, immersed in darkness and the scent of Kodak developer, studio side under the light boxes to handle the 6x6 and the camera. Architecture, art and nature are recurring themes that fascinate me. I sometimes like to surprise and think outside the box. ​ .. Today I take studio portraits. My work in a press group brings me beautiful encounters, beautiful lives and beautiful stories that I have to transcribe through a photo. ​ Advertising and corporate photographer, I work in illustration for the magazine press, publishing and advertising agencies. Clients: Posters of Grenoble and Isère, Espaces Atypicals, Cogeco Immobilier, Cuisines Morel, Groupe Vicat, SDH, Groupe Degaud, Roche Bobois Saint-Egrève, Bang & Olufsen Grenoble, Klein Immoblier, GEG, Galeries lafayette, Fidal Avocats .

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